Welcome to North Bay Met Academy. We are very proud of the work we do and the personalized experience we can offer through our emphasis on Big Picture Learning. Our motto at North Bay Met is “One Student at a Time.” Because of the structure of our school, we are able to prepare each student one-to-one for their unique future. Students flourish within this individualized approach, where they are able to gain real-life career experience and develop community connections while obtaining their high school diploma.

About me:
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Science with Teaching Credential, UC Davis
Master of Arts and Administrative Services Credential, Sonoma State University
I’ve been involved in the alternative education programs at Windsor Unified School District since 2001.

My background is in vocational education. I was an agriculture teacher for almost twenty-years, and agriculture remains a passion of mine. The training I received as a vocational teacher really prepared me to be the administrator of a Big-Picture Learning community. In my work as a vocational teacher, there was a real emphasis on the partnership between the school and families and the community - I was visiting houses and having dinner with families, and supporting them in a direct way, whether they were working with livestock at the fair or preparing a field for planting.

Our talented students at North Bay Met Academy are preparing for a variety of careers, from social work and veterinary medicine, to trades like baking, HVAC repair and construction. But the common thread is that they are embedded in a network of people who work together, supporting them as they achieve their passions and goals. Each student’s Learning Through Interests' (LTI) mentors are connected within the community, and their advisors are connected through our school. That’s why Big Picture Learning really excites me. The communication and collaboration between all the players-school, parents, teachers and community mentors-can only lead to student success!