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Unfounded threat at WMS

Posted Date: 9/15/23 (1:45 PM)

Dear WUSD Community:

It was brought to our attention by parents and students at Windsor Middle School (WMS)  this morning that there was a social media post circulating supposedly threatening violence at WMS. We immediately notified our School Resource Officer, JP Tamayo and the Windsor Police Department, and District Office and Site Admin staff worked together to determine if the threat was credible. While we have not identified a specific or credible threat, we believe in being transparent and proactive in our communication.The safety and well-being of our students, staff, and community members is our top priority, and we take all such concerns seriously.

It was determined that the post was previously spotted in San Antonio, Texas and was already vetted by police there as not credible. The student behind the posting is facing criminal charges. In addition, the post has been spread to Utah and other regions of California. The post in question does not reference any Windsor school or location, and references locations and activities that are not related to Windsor in any way. It is possible that concerns are running high given that WMS held a lockdown drill yesterday, which may have heightened any perceived threat. However, we would like to reiterate that this social media post does not in any way constitute a credible threat against any Windsor school. 

It has also been reported that the same post was being spread at other Sonoma County schools. 

In an abundance of caution and to ensure the safety of our students and staff:

  • We will have an increased police presence on our campus today. This is not a reflection of any ongoing threat but is purely a precautionary measure to make everyone feel safe and supported.

  • Our administrative team, in conjunction with local law enforcement, will continue to investigate all leads and monitor the situation closely.

As always, we encourage students, staff, and parents to report any suspicious activity or concerns they may have. Open communication is essential in these times and, as always, if you see something, say something. We realize how concerning this is and will make ourselves available throughout the day to discuss any questions or concerns you may have. 


Windsor Unified School District